Building a Strong Community

EACOS is an advocate for Edmonton’s tech-enabled startup community. We are comprised of 13 individuals from scaleups, startups, seed companies, students, and investors. Our mandate is to be a voice for our peer-startups, activating and aligning resources with the needs of our technology community at large.

A vibrant startup community starts with people who are regularly engaging and celebrating each other as a whole. When entrepreneurs know that there are like-minded people taking risks and doing interesting things in their city, they will feel welcome to join and participate. A vibrant, active, and diverse startup community will attract more talent and investors from both within and outside of Edmonton.

We believe that a healthy startup community is built deliberately and at a grass-roots level with entrepreneurs taking the lead. This community is built as a result of interactions of many types, both formal (programs, investments, colleagues) and informal (events, mentorship, introductions). A healthy community contributes to increased throughput and growth of the startup ecosystem by facilitating collaboration, co-founding, investment, mentorship, connections, and learning, and results in the creation and growth of more investment-ready companies in Edmonton, our ultimate goal. Further, a strong and supportive community serves to both retain and attract talent. Ultimately, we believe that if you create opportunities for people to come together organically and actually build genuine relationships, wonderful things will happen.

In Edmonton, most events have historically been held primarily by service providers, have ulterior motives, and attract a similar group of people from the community.

We believe that Edmonton’s entrepreneurial community:

  1. Should be willing to invest time to instigate and attend events and also invite others from outside the community. They should also be willing to devote time to mentorship, advising, offering feedback, and educating - free of charge and with no expectation of return.
  2. Requires a sustainable amount of recurring informal events that allow people to casually come together and get to know each other. These events should not all involve alcohol.

EACOS believes in an entrepreneur-led ecosystem.

Towards this end, we advocate for:

  1. Initiatives that encourage entrepreneurs to connect and build meaningful, fulfilling relationships with peers, mentors, and friends.
  2. Investment in the promotion and attendance of entrepreneur-focused events in the city that foster relationships by all members of the community (as described above).

How can I become involved?

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